Saturday, January 17, 2015

Butterfly Chaser Photography News

Did you guys realize I have a new blog? I DOOOO! And it's here!

I updated on facebook when I created the new blog but just realized I never *ended* this blog. So here's the updated link.

And! I am currently on an indefinite break from photography. If I have scheduled a newborn shoot for you then I will still do that shoot. However I am not booking new shoots at this time.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Two years ago I shoot newborn pictures for Miss Sofia, and now I got the privilege of taking some for her little sister Adalyn!

Good grief I get to shoot the prettiest children!

Adalyn was a great sleeper!

Sofia was really into her baby! Love it when it happens like that!


I love doing fall family photoshoots! It's always fun to see the outfits people pick out and how much their kids have grown! :) This is Miss Kaitlyn and she was SO easy to shoot!

Kayla & Kyle

This handsome dude is Kyle, and he's another one of my "Baby plan" babies. These shots are from his 9 month shoot and we are *thisclose* to shooting his one-year-old portraits! :)

Kyle is doing a series with some stuffed animals, to help show his growth against their set size.

Kayla styling a hat for us! I LOVE hats on children, and this one has a 20's feel about it I just love.

Kyle is also doing a onesie series for us and we have one more shoot left to complete the set. I'll bet this next shoot is the hardest to keep him in place for too, walking babies change everything! ;)

Then Kyle and Kayla came to my studio for a mini shoot to show off their costumes! Kayla was Merida, and Kyle was one of her brother bears :)

Kyle was not a huge fan of the hat. His woe face and posure is the cutest however, so I had to include it!