Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tateym & Hallee

How cute is this family?  Sisters are just the best! (I have three sisters, so I feel qualified to make this proclamation).

Maybe you remember Hallee from her newborn shoot? She's grown just a little bit since then! 

Most of the outfits in this post are Matilda Jane, which is a line this mom sells. So, if you are interested in learning more about the line, or hosting a party, feel free to email me, and I'll put you in contact with this mom ;)

I love mama+baby photos! Hallee was three-months-old when we shot these, which can be a hard time to photograph for a couple of reasons, but Hallee was a rockstar and was THE MOST smile prone 3-month-old I've ever shot.... which is saying a lot as I shoot a lot of great babies! 

Future besties!


This beautiful blondie is Miss Finnley! She's BFF with another adorable toddler I shoot, so when she as in town visiting Jackson we snuck a shoot in. :)

So, where do you think that baby got her gorgeous coloring from?

Fun fact to local photographers, if you do this you are going to get told by at least one security guard. (ie, I won't have clients sitting on the rocks by the water again, so this is now a BFC photography exclusive)

Sweet Miss Finn was tired of shooting and kept trying to snuggle with the blanket we brought to sit on. I love how she still tries to sleep like a baby.

This is how she smells flowers. Is this girl animated or what?

Seriously. Enough. With. The. Pictures!

So then we brought out the trike and had a little more fun ;)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Landry turns One

This is obviously an older blog post, as Landry turns one in MARCH. But that's how I roll.

You know how we've shot Landry on a "Princess and the Pea" set up every three month since her newborn pictures? Well, for the big one, we did the set up with real mattresses. Go big or go home, right ;)

Here's the first Princess and the Pea set up, and then the last!  More "before and after" shots (which are my favorites are on Katy's blog here!
 What a difference a year makes!

Then we did the whole family shoot outside in a field of tall grass. This style of shoot is my all time favorite, but it takes some careful planning (to have a field with the right height of grass, and to make sure your kids are okay with the texture of grass, and that you have the right props.) A lot of kids DO NOT like the texture of grass and that's fine, you can keep this on a quilt for the duration of the shoot, but you should take your children's sensory issues into consideration before attempting a shoot like this. These kids knocked it out of the park ;) 

Isn't this is best looking family?

Radley and his mama

Emmy and her mommy

I love how babies give open mouthed kisses

All of these props belong to the family...they come prepared!

I think Radley's done this face for me every shoot we've done together!

Then we broke out the mustaches! (You can buy mustaches like these at Toys R Us)

They were very into the mustaches!

The little dress Emmy's wearing (as a top) was her mama's when she was a little girl. Love that detail!

Then we shot Miss Landry in an adorable  retro romper, and a bonnet my sister made for this shoot.

Pretty sure when I have babies they'll wear nothing but rompers like this. I LOVE them! (Not really sure what we'll do if I have boys...we might have to cross that bridge when we get there ;)

This girl is so delightful! I have a rule that I shoot babies under the age of 2 in the mornings, because they are happiest then, but for  field shoot you have to do an evening...and I was willing to risk it with Landry because the girl is always happy and she did not disappoint.