Friday, June 21, 2013

Jackson, Wesley & Marshall

I thought this mom did such a great job putting together outfits for her family!The goal is not to have everyone match (unless you're the type of family that matches in real life, then just keep doing what you're doing) but for everyone to be in complimentary tones, and in outfits that look good in the group shots and individual images. One way to do this it to pick a clothing piece (like Jackson's shirt) and pull colors from it for the rest of the family. In this example they went with shades of blue, and yellow with a pop of green.

Does this group look like a ton of fun or what?

I figure out how to fix transitional glasses with this shoot (I'm not going to lie, when a client gets out of the car with transitions on, my heart sinks a want to be able to see eyes in an image, particularly eyes as handsome as Jackson's) and I was pretty proud of how they turned out ;)

So. All the images with Jackson were edited to remove the glasses shading. I did this in Lightroom 4, you use the adjustment brush on both lenses to lighten them, then decrease the shadows, add warmth to counteract the cool tones, and slightly desaturate the may also have to change the noise/clarity level if you have noticeable grain. It wasn't as difficult as I expected, but it does take a bit of time.

Marshall and his mama

Wesley and his mama

Jackson and his mama!

At first Marshall wasn't sure if he was going to like getting his picture made, but I won him over with my cool toys ;)

Every time Marshall smelled the flowers (repeatedly) he made this face. LOVE it!

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The Markhams Four said...

Thank you Sarah for yet again capturing my family so wonderfully!