Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Remember this maternity session? I actually had quite a few people upset with me for "outing" the name, so aren't you relieved to know they didn't name their daughter Eustice? It was all a joke and the little Miss got named Elaina Beth, and she gets called Ellie for short. :)

I love her little piggies in this one!

Sleepy family

So, whose profile does she have?

Isn't this just a gorgeous baby? She was born with a nuchal hand so we thought it was only fitting to have it up by her face for the pictures too. ;)

The tutu her Aunt made her....

The romper her mom made her (with a pattern from Tie Die Diva)

The blanket her grandma made her. (This is a very crafty family, apparently).

Ellie with both her parent's childhood teddy bears.

Kayden & Isaac

This handsome little guy is Isaac, he was just at a year old when we took these pictures.

He thinks his big sister Kayden is awesome!

No kissing sister! (I love how she's holding his hand here to keep him still. )

The we tried some tire pictures, but Isaac wasn't feeling it yet so we just shot Kayden.

Love those chubby baby fingers!

I love that their mom gathered and painted the tires for this shoot. That's dedication!

Cake smash!

Friday, August 26, 2011


This is the biggest brother, Jack

and this is the middlest (and only sister), Allison

This is the big brother, (and twin to Allison) Mason. (Yep. They are twins. It boggled my mind a bit too.)

This is the littlest brother, Graham. Isn't that little cleft chin the cutest thing you have ever seen?

All four!

Graham on the blanket his grandma made him.

This is probably one of my favorite baby images I have shot. It's quintessentially "baby" to me.

Graham with his devoted dog, Gracie Belle.

Sweet baby rolls!