Wednesday, August 24, 2011


These two cuties are Royce and his new baby sister, Carrlee. Royce is 2-years-old and HUGE and Carrlee was born prematurely and at 6 weeks old was still a delicate 6 pounds. Aren't they so sweet together?

Royce is doing great in his new role as big brother and you could tell he adores his little sister!

Sweet Miss Carrlee on a family saddle.

Doesn't this girl have nice lips?

This is the set up for the next shot, and I'm including it because it helps demonstrate how very tiny she is!

The roses was used in her parents wedding. I love props with personal significance!


Judy Giles said...

Tiny but perfect! Love the rose shots!

Mandydingo said...

You are love love these and can't wait to see the rest. I'm Royce and Carrlee's Aunt. And I have to tell you the picture w/the family saddle brought tears to my eyes. That's my dads name. AWESOME! God has really Blessed you with some talent!
God's Greatest Blessings to you.