Thursday, June 28, 2012

Avery & Riley - Mad Hatter Tea party

The mom of these two ladies is one of the very first clients I had, right after I moved to College Station to attend A&M. Kelly immediately decided I was family and I've been shooting her girls ever since.:)

 Kelly is one of my favorite friend-clients because she's so enthusiastic about everything she does, is so caring towards the people in her life, and because she puts a lot of thought and planning into getting the types of shots she wants.

 Last fall Kelly was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and a lot of this Mad Hatter Tea Party session was planned up via pinterest boards and emails when Kelly was at home dealing with chemo. Right now she is about to start her second round of chemo and I know hundreds of people are praying for her healing and strength. Would you join me if praying for her (particularly on Monday, when the next round of chemo starts)?

Kelly made these hats for the girls. Avery was.... less than enthused... about wearing them. (But she totally did) I'm always impressed by Avery's participation in our themes as she gets older, she's a great sport! .:) 

Riley loved it ;)

There was secret telling...

...and tea drinking with pinkies up

...and giggle fits

Pretty girls!

Maybe our next shoot should be "Brave" themed? Some long red hair, some bows and arrows...and couple of horses...I could see this working... ;)

Aren't those hats awesome? They belonged to their grandma.

Last, but not least, a couple with Ozzie :)

Sarabeth, Jack, Grant & James

This little guy is Grant, he's 6 and in the process of preparing for his 5th bone marrow transfusion. Would you join me in lifting him and his family up in prayer? Specifically for his body to accept the transfusion and for healing and strength for all involved.

Big sister SaraBeth (she has pretty much the best name ever )

Big brother Jack

Mr Grant! We did this shoot in April, because we wanted to make sure that even if Grant had to have chemo and lose his hair, his mom would still have current pictures of him with his gap toothed smile-which is pretty much the best stage ever. :)

Littlest brother James. ALSO gap toothed! Gotta love the wild ones that lose their teeth early ;)

Pig pile! (Can you tell how much James is liking being the one on top?)

You can tell these three have a lot of fun together!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This Beautiful girl is Miss Kate!

Isn't she a gorgeous baby?

She really adds to the decor of this house nicely ;)

Obviously with a shot like this the spotter for the baby is photoshopped out of the image...there's an example of this later on in the post.

Images like this are ALWAYS composites, with the newborn "spotter" edited out of the image.

The original image looked a bit like this.

Kate had, hands down, the best lashes I've seen on a newborn. They are amazing!