Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sarabeth, Jack, Grant & James

This little guy is Grant, he's 6 and in the process of preparing for his 5th bone marrow transfusion. Would you join me in lifting him and his family up in prayer? Specifically for his body to accept the transfusion and for healing and strength for all involved.

Big sister SaraBeth (she has pretty much the best name ever )

Big brother Jack

Mr Grant! We did this shoot in April, because we wanted to make sure that even if Grant had to have chemo and lose his hair, his mom would still have current pictures of him with his gap toothed smile-which is pretty much the best stage ever. :)

Littlest brother James. ALSO gap toothed! Gotta love the wild ones that lose their teeth early ;)

Pig pile! (Can you tell how much James is liking being the one on top?)

You can tell these three have a lot of fun together!

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