Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grant & Harrison

Here are some of the cutest red headed brothers I shoot! (Can you believe I shoot two sets of red headed brothers? I'm pretty lucky like that).

I love shooting boys! They can just be so uninhibited with their facial expressions...always makes for the best images!

Thoughtful Grant

These boys just have the prettiest coloring! I had a hard time making any of their images black and white!

Pausing for some meditation ;)

I think it looks like Harrison is doing a traditional Maori Haka dance here.

Then we ended the shoot with some superhero shots. :) You want your images of your kids to look like they do on a regular basis, and their mom assured me this is very "them". Love it!


Batman as an angty tween :)

Jax & Jory

This lady is the designer to my blog, and designs quite a few of my client's blogs as well! Her contact info is here, Jumping Jax Designs.

What I like about shooting this family is Becca comes prepared with coordinating outfits and a pinterest board of ideas, but she also realizes toddlers are people too, and sometimes you're not going to get your 15 poses (and sometimes you do, her kids photograph well ;)

Becca followed the outfit picking "rule" of two colors and a neutral. Here the neutral is white and the two colors are browns and a pop of red. Pretty adorable, aren't they?

(Jory's face is my favorite here)

How cute is that bow tie? Rediculously cute!

This girl loves her daddy!

Spicy Bump pictures

This little charmer is Owen, he became a big brother yesterday! In celebration, I thought I'd put a few of his images up from their shoot in the fall. We did this shoot in November, during the two weeks when Research Park fakes a really nice fall backdrop. (I tried to talk everyone into a Research Park shoots that I had scheduled at that time frame) ;)

Owen named his little sister "Spicy", and was pretty adamant that was going to be her name when she arrived. (Spoiler alert; she was named Annika) ;)

I love how little boys hold faces still for kisses!