Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Landry at 6 months

Miss Landry was 6 months old ages ago, but I have to post these or my sister will kill me. (Lydia likes to follow some of my clients for shoot inspiration, this mom is one of those people ;)

Also, how cute is this tush?

(Still working on my blogger sizing issues, to see this clearer, please click on the image)

This purple wall is in Hearne, and it photographs beautifully with pretty babies like Miss Landry!

This quilt is part of a series were doing with her first year images. It's been fun incorporating it into her images in different ways.

Another series we're doing with Landry is the princess in the pea series. I'm quite thrilled with how this grouping will look when it's all done!

I think she looks like she's galloping gangnam style in this image! ;)

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