Monday, January 14, 2013


This little guy shares a name (first and middle) with one of my brothers.When I mentioned this to my mom, she said "That's great! He'll go far!" and I think she has a point. I don't think I've ever met a Sam I didn't like. ;)

Isn't he just a ridiculously good looking guy?

Sam's family is currently in the process of trying to add him to their family through adoption, which makes this my absolute favorite type of shoot to do! I shoot 4 families who have adopted newborns, they were all open to any newborn placement, regardless of gender, race or background and they all have placements within 3-6 months (which has kinda turned my idea of how long you have to wait to adopt a child, particularly a newborn, on it's head.) My prayer is that Sam's story gets to add to that number.

Sam on his froggie blanket

He really is the most perfect baby!

The Bible verse that helped his parents pick his name.

Baby sneezes!

Sam's big brother was also photographed in this truck! (The backdrop is a bolt of material that his mom brought with her, and will eventually be curtains. If you're interested in a fabric backdrop like this, you can get them on Amazon).

He was such a calm awake newborn!

A little pout..

..and then a smile

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