Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kaylie, Connor & Caleb

Aren't these kids gorgeous? We did a shoot this fall at one of my favorite places to shoot, Research Park.

This tricycle is my newest "sibling shot "prop. I like how it naturally poses people and generally I have no problem getting smiles from the people on it ;)

Caleb reminds me of my nephew, Otto, blond, opinionated, tall and dashingly handsome ;)

Connor showing off his muscles.

Caleb wasn't too thrilled the whole time about doing pictures. (It's part of being two, I think) Isn't his grump face hilarious? He was doing it for his mother's benefit, and keep forgetting he was "mad" and laughing, and then having to remember to assume his angry face.

He snapped out of it pretty quickly however. Here's Connor about to tackle Caleb to cheer him up, you can tell it's working too, as Caleb's having a hard time keeping a smile off his face.


I loved Kaylie's hair! More little ones should come to shoots with this hairstyle!

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