Monday, February 27, 2012


This handsome little guy is now a big brother!

This is animated Mr. Logan!

Logan's mama and Aunt run this clothing boutique. They are currently on a vacation as both sisters are having/had a baby, but feel free to bookmark it for later. All of Logan's special outfits were made by his mama. :)

Logan in his room.

Tiny little Aggie!

Then Logan took a break to eat and we snapped some of Ben in his room.

This is perhaps my favorite sibling shot yet!

He was such a chill little dude, and pretty much let us shoot him however we wanted. I love it when that happens!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hannah: College Station Newborn Photographer

This sweet little one came to see me from the Temple area, so we did the shoot at my house in my "studio". The weekend I shot her I also shot babies from Dallas and Shreveport (good thing the weather wasn't as nasty as this weekend is shaping out to be!)

This is Miss Hannah Grace and she photographs beautifully!

Hannah in a family heirloom dress.

Her Aunt made her that quilt and her name banner, aren't they awesome?

Her grandma made her those bloomers...this baby comes from one crafty family!

Sweet baby girl on her quilt!

She's a very delicate and feminine looking baby, and aren't her lips just perfect?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Recently I got to meet handsome Mr Keelan and his parents, who are very much in love with their little man.

This family has just grown by two feet ;)

Doesn't he have the most angelic face?

Keelan's name is his mom's maiden name which I think is a really sweet tribute.

Getting some cuddles from his mama.

I think this little guy might look a *tiny* bit like his dad, what do you think?

Keelan has some of the prettiest champagne blond hair I've ever photographed.