Tuesday, February 14, 2012


When I got the email from this lovely family inquiring about a newborn shoot I was a little confused, hadn't we just done a newborn shoot? (I photographed Joshua's newborn shoot in August, and it can be found here. )

After Joshua's birth they felt God was calling them to adopt and to make a longish story short, despite being told the process can take 1-2 years it looks like Joshua is going to be 5 months and come change older than his little brother Carson. Isn't that wonderful?! When God orchestrates things they tend to run a little faster/smoother then when we plan don't they?

This is the big sister Hannah.

This is the big brother Joshua!

He's a super big brother, literally. :)

And the new addition Carson! (We shot Joshua in this dump truck too, it's astounding the difference in babies!)

Nana D was so helpful during the shoot!

Tiny Mr. Carson in his Daddy's hands.

Carson was happiest all curled up in womb-like positions. I loved it!

I have a sister who would argue that being a third born is the best spot to be in and I'll bet Mr. Carson agrees.

I shoot a lot of sibling shots, and while I think big brother/ little brother, big sister/little sister shirts are so very cute in person, they are also somewhat difficult to photograph when you have larger amounts of smaller children. You see, the child needs to look cute AND the shirt needs to be legible, which can be a tall order with moving children. This idea I think simplifies the process a little as the numbers are legible even if a child had a hand over the lettering the exact moment their face was cutest for the image ;)

Sweet little man.

Baby yawns are the best!

Carson snuggling with his Mama!


JustOneMomma said...

Oh MY...that last image is stunning...just blown away at that one.

Janealee said...

Aren't my great-grands the most precious children in the world? To me they are!! Mimi