Thursday, September 29, 2011


This beautiful chubba came to see me from Houston when we was just a few days old. Isn't he gorgeous?

I think he has the face of a little man already.

Look at this fat little foot! Isn't that adorable!

Braden thinks he's a big kid so he chilled and stayed awake for a bit and gave us quite a few expressions. This is his "Zoolander" face.

Big yawn!

I love the chunks in this pose best, it just shows off the cheeks to their full advantage!


Remember Beckett? This is his cousin Jaxon, born 9 days after he was. How awesome is that? Cousins that get to grow up together! You can just tell this group is going to have some great adventures together.

Big brother Cade and little brother Jaxon.

All the cousins on a family heirloom quilt.

Sweet little Jaxon, was such a great sleeper for us!

Jaxon and his mommy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Caroline & Annaliese

Here's some fun images from a shoot I did this summer celebrating Annaliese turning 2! :)

I love working with this family because they put so much thought and work into what they want with their images and their girls are the best!

Isn't this just a strikingly gorgeous child?

Caroline is turning into such a little poser and I love it!

This is Anna's "I'm being photographed" face. I'm pretty sure she does it on purpose to show off her lips. ;)

Flapper babies!

Don't lie, you know you're wishing you were cool enough to rock shoes like that.

Seriously the cutest shoes I've seen on a two-year-old!

Jerra, Jorja & Bradyn

Aren't these two sisters sweet?

This shoot was supposed to be about Jorja, as she just turned two!

Mr. Bradyn. He's such a mellow, thoughtful baby.

I love this one, I think he looks distinguished, like a baby author on a book flap ;)

We did get some smiles too