Monday, September 19, 2011

Bri & Kaden

Every year I do a birthday shoot for Bri (and this year it coincided with her little brother's 18 month shoot) and every year her hair is a different color and we get to decide on a new location. This year the decision was down to a tattoo studio, a rockabilly 50's cafe or a cemetery and the cemetery won out, which thrilled me as I think the Booneville cemetery shoots wonderfully!

I really like this hair color, I think it suits her wonderfully.

Kaden wasn't entirely sure he liked the idea of getting his picture made. (This is rather common in 18 month olds ;)

I love his surfer hair!

Then we headed to the splashpad where Bri bravely stood under the water bucket.

...and Kaden did too (although he just wandered under it by chance poor thing!)

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