Friday, March 30, 2012

Millicent : College Station Baby Photographer

This is Miss Millicent. She was three months old when we shot these. Isn't she advanced? (Obviously this is a composite. Three-month-old babies do not sit on logs by themselves!)

Miss Millie Claire and her sisters, Caroline and Annaliese. These girls were 3, 2 and three-months old...not exactly the easiest grouping of ages, but these ladies are pros and held some smiles like champs! :)

If you remember Millicent's newborn pictures you'll remember that this is a series we're doing with her every three months. I think it keeps getting cuter and cuter!

She was so patient with us treating her like a living doll. Love her face in this one, it's like she's saying "Really guys?".

Sunday, March 25, 2012


This adorable little one came to see me from Houston, so we did the shoot at my "studio" (my house) and so we got to play with more set ups and backdrops then I can normally take on location to newborn shoots.

I've never seen a newborn make eye contact and smile purposefully like this!

Ellie and her parents

Ellie's mom made that little upcycled skirt. How cute are those ruffles? Love it!

Future bookworm!

If you look closely there are mathematical formulas on the diaper :)

Ellie and her daddy share a love of Star Wars.

I think she looks like a wee mermaid basking on a rock in this set up.

The tutu was made for Ellie by her Aunt, out of remnant from making her wedding dress. The blanket she's lying on her mama made her when she was on bed rest. This is one rather crafty family!

Brand new hands

Smiling at her mama!


These beautiful people are Marko and Rebecca. We did this shoot a while back as they prepared to welcome their son into their lives. I'm only posting a few from the maternity shoot (although we got a quite a few I like) as I want to get to the real star of the show, Mr. Robert!

Isn't this a handsome boy? He's huge too! He started close to 10 pounds and was right at 11 pounds when we shot his newborns at 2 weeks old. (You can tell from how alert and focused he is that he thinks he's 3-months-old. Babies these days...always trying to grow up so fast!)

This. Is. a. Newborn. I know, crazy, right?

Robert on his bedding. I always try to incorporate the bedding if I can, as it's the family's style and then the image can be displayed in the nursery and add to the decor.

I also try to use a couple elements from the maternity shoot to tie the two shoots together. Obviously the blocks are from the maternity shoot and we also used the cowboy hat.

He such a handsome little man! Those cheeks are the best!