Friday, November 25, 2011


With a typical newborn shoot, I stay 3 hours at a client's house and get about 6 poses from the baby. However, this shoot was a perfect storm of awesomeness and all the factors aligned to get a ton of poses. Millicent is probably the sleepiest baby I've ever shot, (we had to wake her up to feed her), her mother was quite organized and we had a "shoot plan" of important images, and we shot at my house so the light was predictable and good quality. So much fun! :)

I love her sweet little mouth in this one!

Millicent, Annaliese and Caroline! Another reason this shoot went so smoothly was these girls are WELL trained. At one point during the shoot the 2-year-old got peed on by a certain naked newborn, and we found out AFTER we got the shot and she got to to leave. ...she just kept smiling and holding still for the shot. Pretty stinkin impressive!

I bet you can see where this is going in the next 12 months ;)

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