Wednesday, May 29, 2013


This gorgeous girl is Miss Josephine (or Joey for short). When her daddy was three he wanted to name his new sister Joey, but not being the one is charge of naming in that family, she got named Stacy.  So he grew up, got married and had his own daughter and named her Joey. I think his Joey will always feel special knowing how long her daddy has loved her name and waited for her. :)

I love it when the baby has a special quilt that we get to include in their newborn images!

That's the face of someone totally smitten ;)

I love Joey's lips!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This adorable little beach bum, is Miss Sutton!

I shot Sutton's big brother's newborn portraits when he was born, they can be found here.

I think she looks like she's in an egg here, all curled up like she was in utero!

Isn't this a gorgeous girl?

Sutton's "But Daddy, I really want a pony" face ;) 

At 18-months-old sibling shots are never guaranteed, but Jackson did so well for us!

Sutton's daddy made this little bed for her shoot!

This is what real life is like juggling two babies!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Megan & Natalie

These beautiful girls are the first set of newborn twins I photographed...and they're not newborns anymore which makes me feel a bit old ;)

This is Natalie

And this is Megan. Can you believe some people can't tell them apart?

This family wanted to make a wall clock of family photos, and the images came out too cute!

One cute couple

Made these two giggly girls