Saturday, August 25, 2012

Millicent- 9 months

And then Millicent turned 9 months old!

Annaliese turned three so we took some extra pictures of her as well :)

Why, yes, those are pink high heels ;) Aren't they hilarious?

Mills 9 month image, next time we'll try to keep her still enough for the standing final shot.

Are we done yet? (This is one of my favorites of Anna, she very emotive!)

Millicent- 6 month shoot!

So. A bit behind on blogging would be an understatement, Millicent is 10ish months old now. But she used to be 6 months old and she was very cute then and now :)

We've done this series at her newborn shoot, 3 month, 6 month and now 9 months. One more session and we're going to have a really fun collage. :)

Pretty sure this headband is what turned my sister (and thus my niece) into big bow fans. Isn't Mills just delightful?

Liam & Kellan

What's cuter than two hot air ballooning babies?

These babies were the best! Super smiley!

Love Liam's cowlick!

Liam is not impressed.

Happy Mr. Kellan!