Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Bump that is My Nephew!

Hey. Did you know my little sister is pregnant?

You are thinking about now, "Oh sweet Moses, of course we know Lydia is pregnant! It's all you've talked about for the last 8.5 months!" Which is probably a pretty valid point, I just can help myself! A baby! That's pretty much the best thing ever and a baby who I can do any pose/wild idea I want on? (I'm smiling just thinking about it).

Anyways, Lydia and her husband Chris came into town on their two year wedding anniversary and we did a maternity photoshoot in the middle of the day, which meant it all had to happen indoors and it was a different and fun session.

We started at Spoons, I just love the tile walls there! (There's another Spoons picture at the bottom of the post; the one that was on my facebook page).

The we moved on to Blue Baker

About to pop?

Grow a baby is hard work and requires a lot of sleep, so we headed back to my house.

Then we messed around with some abstracts. (Lydia would like you to know she's clothed here).

I'm pretty sure they have the final contenders picked out, but I'm not sure if they've picked "the" name yet. So we documented this confusion. Want to leave her a name idea in the comments?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Annie, Hudson and Henry


I love how he looks like a tiny little man in this one!

Big brother Hudson

Sweet brothers!

The whole family

Pretty Miss Annie!

Monday, June 21, 2010


This sweet peanut is Miss Blakelynne.

Blakelynne and her big sister, Jacee Kay!

She was the most alert newborn ever and DID NOT want to go to sleep so we got some cute shots of her awake.

But you have to sleep sometimes, and eventually we waited her out!

She was so very ladylike and did the feet fold so nicely! I love how her little feet are peeling from being overdue. It's part of her story.

Since she was a light sleeper that day we didn't do much posing besides putting things on her head. Here's a collage of "things on a newborn". ;) Please note that she's a future Aggie too, we raise them right here in College Station!

The we put a tutu on her, (from here) and that woke her up!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Oh goodness you guys! I've been so busy lately. I know, it's like a broken record over here!

Anyways, how I respond to that is blogging daily (most people are having to wait for their pictures, the least I can do is give them a preview!) or less frequently (I can't spare a moment of editing time to throw a new post up on the blog!) Obviously, this latest spat of business resulted in the later and I'm sorry it's been so boring around here!

Here's a gorgeous little one I photographed recently. Her name is Cecilia.

Cecilia and her family, with big sister Nadia and big brother Victor. I think their names work so nicely as a sibling set!

Of course, she's an Aggie already!

I love baby yawns!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Almost two years ago I did a photo shoot for a Tyler family, those images can be seen here. Even then they were already waiting for a sibling to join them from Ethiopia. At that time they didn't know if they were getting a brother or a sister, as their parents had applied for a child on the logic that you don't get to choose the gender when you birth a child and that they were allowing God to pick their baby for them. God picked little Mezekir of them and the story of his journey home can be found on their blog, here.

This is handsome Hunter, the eldest brother.

Sweet Miss Ann Elizabeth (still the only girl! Although, perhaps not for long)

The former baby of the family, Mr. Preston.

New and improved family!

We did these pictures the day after they arrived in Texas from a month long trip to Ethiopia! It probably wasn't the very best time to do a shoot with jet-lagged people, but we wanted to capture the very minute Mezekir joined his family and document how small he was when they got him. (I am about 6 weeks behind on posting images to this blog. He in now sitting up and trying to crawl, neither of which he could do when they arrived in Texas.)

Anyways this is sweet Mezekir smiling and being such a trooper despite jet lag. Mezekir is Amharic for "remembered" and was given to him by his birth mother, I'm so pleased they're keeping it for him.

Have you ever seen a cuter baby?

Ann-E and her new baby brother

Babies in hats! There's nothing better!

Hunter and his new baby brother (Poor Preston missed out on a picture with Mez, as he kept trying to fall asleep!)

Then Mezekir decided he had had enough, got comforted by his mama and fell asleep himself.

Sleeping babies in hats? Even better.

Mez loves his Daddy!

...and his Mama!