Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This sweet boy is Aiden. We had so many ideas for him and he was such a trooper and smiled the entire shoot and through many clothing changes!

He also did this thing when he was on his back and smiling he would clutch his chest. Too adorable!

He wasn't quite sitting up unassisted when we did this shoot. I love this image because he was starting to fall and his mom grabbed for him and he never stopped smiling because he knew she'd catch him!

Matching feet!

Of course he needs to grow up an be an Aggie!

Next we went to the George Bush library to do some shots of Aiden fishing. Aiden's parents were married at the Library (under the gazebo)! Apparently you can't reserve it for weddings but if you show up you can use it. Bizarre and awesome, right?

Next up we shot Aiden at a Ford dealership because his Daddy loves Fords. Isn't he the cutest little truck model?

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