Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This is 2-year-old Victoria's beautiful family!

We got started right after Victoria woke up from her nap so she needed some cuddle time with her mama to feel like getting her picture made. I love the tenderness of this image.

After a minute she was ready to play!

Isn't she just the most photogenic little girl ever?

I think she looks like she's up to something in this one!

This is an outfit her grandma sent her from Russia. Isn't it gorgeous? There's a headband too, but there was no way we could talk her into that ;)

Ryan and Weston

These two-year-old twins are named Ryan and Weston. They did so well for me and we got tons of family and "twin" shots which is rather rare for a two-year-old shoot, I was completely impressed! *Squints* Umm, Weston is on Dad's lap and Ryan in on Mom's.

Happy boy, Ryan.

Sweet Weston, love his hands in his pockets!

Don't these guys look quite a bit alike?


Bonnie means "pretty" and this little one certainly lives up to her name!

Love, love, love how wrinkly newborns are!

Bonnie and her big sister Emily!

Tiny little Aggie baby!

This baby was a newborn when we shot her (I forget how many days old she was) but doesn't she look so much older? She was so alert and attentive!

Getting some cuddles from moma!

Her dad is a police officer so we incorporated that into the shoot as well!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Josiah and Annalise

This sweet sibling set is Josiah and Annalise!

Josiah is a ham! Typically during a shoot I start with one kid and shoot them for about 3-4 minutes and then switch to the next kid and so forth. When it was Annalise's turn Josiah wasn't quite ready to share the limelight and photobombed her a couple of time and it was pretty hilarious.

Photobomb #1 (I really like this one)

Photobomb # 2. Her expression kills me!

Photobomb #3.

The light in late fall is just gorgeous and golden.... my favorite type of shooting!