Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Austin and Graham

These two brothers are Austin and Graham! We did a hybrid shoot of sorts with them and started at Research Park and ended up at the Bush Library. I like that combination because there are things at Research (boulders, streams) that Bush doesn't have, it adds variety, and a large portion of the Bush library is currently under construction.

Austin is such a handsome fellow!

Happy baby!

You know how I was posting about babytraps earlier today? Basically they are props that you can put a 1 or 2-year-old on that are high enough to slow them down if they try to run off, but low enough that they don't get hurt if they fall out. This on one of said "traps" and even then Graham was to fast for us!

Hummm, who's the cut up in this family?

The light the night of their shoot was simply perfect! These next few shots are my favorite of the night.

Open mouthed baby kisses are the best!

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