Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Claudia, Emmy and Libby!

These lovely ladies are big sister Claudia and twins Emmy and Libby. We had quite a busy shoot, we shot at a pumpkin patch (yes, this shoot was prior to Halloween...which shows how far behind my blog is) at Wolf Pen park and the Mall!

Claudia is getting to be such a big kid now!

An outtake from the Joy shot before we decided to do a collage ;)

Sweet Libby is always a piece of cake to shoot

Claudia was telling me about her ice skating partner who she might have a tiny bit of a crush on (despite him being shorter then her) and thus the real smile!

Then we went to the Mall and shot Christmas pictures (again this shot was before Halloween)! Aren't these sweet faces adorable? I think Santa will have a hard time denying them anything!

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