Thursday, November 4, 2010


This sweet little man is Greer. He was the most accommodating baby! He did every single pose we asked him to, which was rather mind boggling (of course I ask nicely, but newborns have distinct personalities already and some are more outspoken then others).

Goodness those lips! Have you ever seen a more perfect pair?

This pose is requested a bit and I certainly don't mind trying for it but really only the young newborns or the laid back ones like Mr. Greer here will let you do it. So newborns*cough* my nephew *cough* I don't even attempt it with. ;)

This is my most requested hat. Would you like one custom made for your baby? Check out Salem with the Proud Child Boutique on facebook, it's where I got it! (She's local to College Station/ Bryan too)

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NaylorMade said...

Yay! The cocoon looks so good! I have a newborn shoot tomorrow and am hoping to use mine. Hopefully, I don't forget them this time :)