Tuesday, November 23, 2010


How did this tiny little guy...
...turn into this big kid in just one year?

This is Landon, he was just perfectly 1, very energetic, independent and curious!

How handsome is this kid!?!?!

With 1 and 2-year-olds I like to put them on "babytraps" which are basically things that are high enough that they cannot get off them quickly, but low enough that they cannot hurt themselves if they do attempt to cut and run...thus this chair gets used a lot.

Here's Landon giving me the stink eye..."Really lady? I'm so done with sitting on this chair!"

He has a great sense of humor for a person so small! He's the only 1-year-old I've ever met who thought the groucho glasses were hilarious and wanted to wear them!

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Rebecca said...

Wonderful pictures, again! You have done yet more great picturs for us. Thank you!