Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Edwards Family

I currently have 12 shoots to finish up in the next 3 days.

Whew. *Is tired just thinking about it*

At something like 100 pictures a session, that's 1200 images to edit, which explains my absence in posting on this blog. Additionally, I am currently blogging images from sessions that haven't been delivered, so if you have recently gotten a CD from me and are wondering why your kids aren't on the blog yet, that's why. (They will be on it as soon as I catch up.)

This is the Edwards family, we had a great shoot about 2 weeks ago!

This is the oldest daughter Neely. She was very easy to work with and I really like a lot of her images. Check out those big blue eyes!

This is Macky, she's 13. Doesn't she look much older?

Brayli is 7, and was the only one willing to wear a hat for me. :)
Recently I was gifted with a reflector set and man, does that ever make a difference! This was the first shoot I used the reflectors on and I love them! Of course they would be virtually useless with a crazy busy two year old, but with older, slower-moving subjects they work excellently. (This is my favorite image from the session).

Last, but not least, is Mr. Jaxon, who was one of the easiest to shoot 4-year-olds I have ever photographed!

Jaxon's dad used to play for the Aggies, back in the day when we were good, and thus has a championship ring that they wanted to incorperated into some images. It was really cold, and the jersey was short sleeved so we worked really fast and Mr Jaxon was so tough and smiled for the entire time. I was really impressed.

In fact, I told my sister when I got home, "That Jaxon was tough like Hickory wood! He stood fast like a Stonewall!" which earned me an eyeroll. (And if you just got that, you should probably get out more...maybe get a hobby...like photography.:P)

Friday, December 12, 2008

For the Kiwis

This shoot was tentatively planned way back in March and I think the long wait was worth it :)

This group of siblings is composed of Hunter, Anne Elizabeth and Preston.

Hunter was such a pleasant boy to work with, very well mannered and photogenic!

Anne Elizabeth is at my favorite stage (err, besides babies that is) I love toothless wonders! How cute is this smile? (This picture is probably my favorite of the shoot.)

Ah, the reason I love my 50mm 1.4...I love the shallow depth of field it gives... it really helps the subject stand out, and I thought this picture turned out really well.

2-year-old Preston is enjoying his last few days of being the youngest child; he is about to be promoted to a big brother as his family is adopting from Ethiopia!

That's all folks.:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Even More Cards!

I have about 12-15 sessions who are currently being edited. In order for most of you to get a card out in time, I am e-mailing full file sized images on cards to print out and distribute while you wait for your full CD of images. Here are two more card options (please click on the files to enlarge so the text is readable.)

These cards are 4x8, and fit in standard business sized envelopes and don't require additional postage. :) The photos are adjustable as well, which means you can have two images on your card or six. If you are interested in a card like this, e-mail me with the card you want and the text you want on the card. (These cards below said something like "Love Sean, Rachel, Ryan, Taylor and Kyle Lastname" before I edited them for this blog posting.)

Monday, December 8, 2008


Some shoots are just easy! This post is about a family that was so easy and fun to work with. They let me know before the shoot what type of images they wanted and what type of light they had at their house which made my job so much easier!

This is their little girl, Natalie.

This picture cracks me up because she looks like a track star in the making :)

Natalie and her Daddy.

I love how sweet her lips are when she has a serious expression on.

Of course, she's pretty cute when she smiles too!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

Take a look at this picture and see if you can figure out which twin is slightly reserved when meeting new people, which twin really loves attention, and who is the very patient big sister holding the wigglers in the chair...

These lovely sisters were such fun to shoot.

Miss Claudia is the oldest and was such a gigglebox!

Next are the twins, Emmy and Libby. This is Emmy, the only blue-eyed one of the bunch. She met me at the door and asked to be held and then proceeded to snuggle with me (a complete stranger at this point) while I checked out her house to find the best light... thus ensuring her a place high up on my "adorable babies who I need to add to my website" list. :)

Miss Libby was a bit slower to warm up to me. Isn't this next picture the cutest? I love when little girls shrug their shoulders like this when they are happy!