Tuesday, November 20, 2012


If you follow me on facebook you've probably heard more about this than you want to, but not everyone has facebook so I thought I'd also post here. Yesterday morning my little sister went into a coma caused by ketoacidosis, following a very bad battle with the flu. More information (and pictures) can be found on my sister Lydia's blog here.

After being rushed to the local ER, she was careflighted to Dallas Children's hospital they could keep a closer watch on her renal function and any possible swelling of the brain as they slowly brought her blood sugar levels down from 1051 to a normal fasting blood sugar of under 110. Right now they are anticipating a week long hospital stay. (So over her 16th birthday on the 26th!)

Abbey is doing phenomenally well and we couldn't be more blessed by her improvement and by all the kindness you guys have shown us. This morning the medical team had managed to bring her blood sugar down to normal and her blood ph down to normal (!!!), Right now it's looking like she'll be moved from the ICU, into a regular room later this afternoon! Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers, it really means more than I can say.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


This little fellow is the handsome Mr. Cooper and he was just a dream baby. So nice to work with and helped restore my faith in my newborn wrangling skills after a batch of alert newborns. ;)

His grandma made him this pumpkin hat!

Isn't he just gorgeous?

Future football player!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This gorgeous guy is Mr. Andrew!

Such a handsome little man!

We did the pinterest famous version of this with their maternity portraits (but I never blogged it....that's how I roll this time of year, too busy to blog anything but newborns), and our version looked a little like this, with Jacksn looking at the camera so I'm glad we got a matching "after" shot!

Jackson was very into taking brothers shots, which was great! (and frankly, at this age rare to see with a new sibling, so go Jackson! You rocked it! ;)