Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I met this couple in the last few days of January, when they were 9 months pregnant and in the middle of renovating a house and moving...and hoping that their little one would wait until they were completely moved to make an appearance.

And you know what, it worked! Autumn arrived right after the move. What a sweetheart of a baby to be that accommodating!

Smiling girl.

This picture is probably my favorite of her newborns. It's clean and simple with nothing to distract from the main point of the image- how perfect and sweet this little one is!

These were possibly the tiniest little cloth diapers I have ever seen. SO CUTE.

Isn't this wall mural perfect for a baby named Autumn?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Melissa and Anthony

This adorable couple is Anthony and Melissa!
They're going to the chapel and they're gonna get married! Exciting, right?

It was such a pleasure working with them! They were completely delightful and took direction well, which is a fun break from the 2-year-olds I generally shoot ;)

Congratulations on your engagement you two! Here's to a beautiful wedding and a wonderful marriage!


I have had so many newborns this last few weeks and I am LOVING it! All such beautiful babies and so fun to come up with different set-ups that compliment each baby! I think I've had 12 newborns in the last two weeks and I have three more scheduled for this week.

Here's the start of the newborn parade, sweet Miss Jillian!

I love her smile here! And look, dimples!

Jillian was born before Valentines day so a lot of her shoot was heart themed (although I think you can do heart themes year round with little girls).

Isn't her hair incredible? Most babies would need this clip on a headband! Speaking of clips, isn't this one adorable? It's one of my favorite etsy purchases!

Jillian and her parents lovies from when they were children.

Awe! Smiling at Daddy!

Okay, so I've gotten more consistent with this shot, and given a young newborn I can almost always make it happen. Most of the babies I shoot like this are very content to chill in this position, but Jillian was the first to give me a smile!

This shot is part of a before/after set with the maternity portraits we did for this family in December. If you'd like to see those, they are here

Friday, February 18, 2011


This little guy is my nephew, Otto. (My one and only nephew). I think he's just fabulous and fun to photograph! He came to visit me to do his 6-month-old portraits.

The best part about having a baby related to me is that I can test out photo ideas that I would have a hard time talking a client into without an example to show them. For instance, this background behind Otto is a bed that a client gave me (!!!) and that I don't get to use for shoots because it's at my house and it doesn't travel, however I really love the look of it so it was fun to get to shoot with it.

I also like to shoot babies in the buff, as I feel like many of the attributes that are quintessentially "baby" are hidden by clothing. Things like dimpled thighs, wrinkles around ankles and wrists, know, the things you'll miss as soon as they become a toddler.

Look, it's an Otto-Man on an ottoman! AHAHAHAHA. I know. I am so punny.

He had 3 teeth when we did these. (Now he has 4, and is working on more). He's 20lbs and 29 inches tall and desperately wants to be a grown-up.

Look how crazily flexible he is!

Fart noises are hilarious ya'll.

We decided to shoot a couple Valentine's day themed images (we shot these images a month ago) and I just love his quizzical look here.

A lot of the images I do with Otto involve my sister Lydia, as her transition into a mother has been a lovely thing to watch and I want the process documented. The next 60 or so images are Lydia and Otto hanging out in my bedroom. I know they're more of the same type of images and I generally would only post a few on my blog, but I loved the way these turned out and I'm glad we got this moment captured for her. It's one of the reasons I always try to get my clients to be in images with their children as I feel they're very important to have (and for your children to have later). No one ever looks back and regrets having too many photographs with their children.

He gives kisses now. How cute is that? (This image is Lydia's favorite)

This is my favorite. I think it feels very Rosie the Riveter plus baby. Also, that pose makes him look chubbier and I love me some baby chub!

This is how we were getting him to smile.

...and a little bit of this

This is a series were doing for his first year. The first image is at 8 days, the second is at 2.5 months and the last at 6 months.