Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This sweet little man is Jaxson, he got pretty much the last bluebonnet shoot of the season.
Isn't he a lovebug?

His mom had read the part of my website about bringing things your child loves and came prepared! It was awesome!

Apparently Jax also really likes to fish the lemon out of water glasses when they go out to eat so we also go some pictures of him with some lemons.

Then we headed to the main area of the Bush library to shoot him and came across a proposal ( Bush at that time of year is THE place to propose apparently) This girl was in the same battalion as the young man about to get engaged and was helping set up the scene. She also agreed to pose for a picture with Jaxson and he was completely enamored with her!

Jaxson and his mommy. Props to Kristi for not planning on being on any pictures and yet still looking amazing.

Apparently Jaxson has a thing for Michael Jackson so when he was getting fidgety at the end of the shoot we put a little Michael Jackson on the phone and it left him entranced long enough to get a family shot or two!


The first teenager I shot in College Station, was the lovely Claudia so I was delighted to do her senior portraits as well. She had the most lovely eyes! Although, i'm not really sure what color they are...teal? Golden? Hazel? All of the above?

Claudia's going to be an Aggie! Whoop!

We did a few with her boyfriend Jacob as well.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jackson Bump Pictures!

I did a really fun maternity session with a couple who is about to add a Jackson to their family!

I think this picture is so fun, it's Meredith's view of her baby bump and other people's view. (We can see her feet, a feature that I understand is a bit hard to do when you're 8 month pregnant.)

This picture cracks me up because fur baby Gracie looks a little grumpy about being replaced!

This picture amuses me because in ten years Jackson will be looking at this picture and thinking, "Wow, mom really had a dinosaur for a phone!"

Reese, Sloane and Cohen

It started raining during this shoot, and since we were at the Bush Library, we ran under the gazebo and waited out the mini-storm and then continued on with our shoot. College Station is certainly giving me experience with different types of shoot conditions! This family were a bunch of troopers and we got some great shots despite how sticky and warm it got after the rain!

Here's an interesting fact about an older group of siblings, if there is one child that's going to be into posing and so very willing to please, it's going to be the oldest child. Interesting right? This is the eldest of this bunch of kids, Reese, and she was a great little model for me :)

This is probably one of my favorite jumping shots yet. Look at that form! Somebody get this girl into dance classes!

This sweet girl is Sloane, isn't she adorable?

Last but not least is Mr. Cohen.

Since it was so hot we cooled off at the end of the shoot in the fountain.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Faith and William

Sometimes I have clients offer up suggestions for new locations which I love as it's always fun to see new places and have different backdrops! With this shoot, the mom suggested Boonesville cemetery as a location to do our shoot at. At first I was a bit apprehensive as cemetery photography can be awesome but I wasn't sure how it would translate to a 1-year-old shoot. However, I'm so glad I got too shoot there as it was the perfect backdrop. Nicole you have an eye for picking locations! :)

The Boonesville cemetery is primarily a civil war cemetery and only about 1/4 of the fenced in cemetery has graves in it. The rest is old post oak trees with interlacing branches, waist high grass and fields of Indian paintbrushes. It was the perfect location! (Although I say "was" as the grass has now all been shorn, and the flowers are gone so it's lost a lot of it's flavor.)

Sweet William!

Big sister Faith. She was such a trooper and was a great little model despite the grass bothering her.

See how pretty the Indian paint brushes were?

I love, love, love her expressions! She is too cute!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Andrew, Blake, Reese and Riley

Here's another long time client that's been under represented on my blog. These four handsome men are Andrew, Blake, and twins Reese and Riley. I first started shooting for them when Blake was a newborn. (A gorgeous newborn by the way).

This is Andrew who is funny and quirky and smart and a pretty awesome little conversationalist. I think he was feeling out of place at this shoot as we generally do shoots at his house and he always, always ends the shoot with pictures of him and his legos.

This is Blake. Without fail I always get the most pictures of Blake. There are two reasons for this, one is that he's pretty stinking cute (as evidenced below) and the other is that he follows me around and always wants it to be his turn. :)

This is Reese, I did get some of him smiling but I happen to like his serious face quite a bit. (When he's smiling he looks somewhat like Riley's images, plus one upper cheek dimple.)

This is Riley who is also a bit of a poser for the camera. Love it!