Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sawyer, Jenna and Kyler

The other day I did a shoot for a pretty young lady on her 14th birthday! Isn't that fun, a birthday photoshoot! Here's her entire family.

Miss Kyler

Yep. This girl is 14. One. Four. Crazy right? They just don't make 14 year-old's like they used to! ;)

All the girls.

Kyler and her mommy Sawyer. This was the second shoot I had that day with a Sawyer, which was rather neat coincidence as I only shoot two Sawyers. (The other Sawyer will be on the blog tomorrow.)

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Amber said...

Wow!! 14?? I neve would've guessed. She's absolutely beautiful and I wish I looked like that at 14! Heck, I wish I looked like that now! ha ha :)

Great Job as always :)