Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Megan, Melody and Luke

Oh College Station and it's crazy weather!

We have been having days that alternate between completely overcast/rain is imminent and then very sunny and hot. It does make it a bit hard to predict where or not we will be able to shoot and the weather channel is absolutely useless! I have found the best way is to wait until later in the day of the shoot to "call" the weather, although that is not always feasible for families with a lot of members to get ready and dressed.

This shoot was taken on one of those days and I even called the mom at one point to cancel (it was raining at my house) and it wasn't raining at campus so we decided to go ahead! I really appreciated their willingness to be flexible and I think we got some great shots!

4-year-old are full of so much imagination and dramatics! This one, Melody, told me she lived in "Unicorn-opia". :)

This is Megan, such a sweet, smart girl! She's about to start high school this fall.

Last but not least is Mister Luke.

Sweet sisters!

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