Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reese, Sloane and Cohen

It started raining during this shoot, and since we were at the Bush Library, we ran under the gazebo and waited out the mini-storm and then continued on with our shoot. College Station is certainly giving me experience with different types of shoot conditions! This family were a bunch of troopers and we got some great shots despite how sticky and warm it got after the rain!

Here's an interesting fact about an older group of siblings, if there is one child that's going to be into posing and so very willing to please, it's going to be the oldest child. Interesting right? This is the eldest of this bunch of kids, Reese, and she was a great little model for me :)

This is probably one of my favorite jumping shots yet. Look at that form! Somebody get this girl into dance classes!

This sweet girl is Sloane, isn't she adorable?

Last but not least is Mr. Cohen.

Since it was so hot we cooled off at the end of the shoot in the fountain.

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Jennie Fritz said...

hmmm im unable to find the *follow this blog* link on yours and your sisters sites! :(