Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jenna & Jack

It's probably not surprising that in weather like this as many of my shoots as possible are morning shoots! This lovely family met up with me at the George Bush library and we squeezed a shoot in before it got too hot to continue.

Jenna is a fearless bug catcher. No roly poly was safe. :)

Jack gets his gorgeous locks from his mommy.

Look how snugly this baby is! Is he just the sweetest?

More cuddling.... When I have babies I want them to be snugglebugs like Jack ;)


This sweet girl is Miss Kylie, we did a shoot in downtown Bryan on a HOT HOT day (aren't they all in the summer though?)

Along with the family we also include their beloved pet, Josie. (For what it's worth, I frequently get asked if it's okay to bring a pet, and yes it is, I love shooting animals! However it generally works best if they are on a leash, or have a handler for the images without them.)

Josie was perfectly behaved and I think we got some images that capture how important she is to their family.

Aren't little girl cowboy boots the sweetest?

Jack & Mason

For this fun family shoot we did more of a lifestyle photography approach to the session. Lifestyle photography is just what it sounds like, you try to capture the client in their environment surrounded by a slice of normal everyday life. The images are less technically perfect then you could get with a more formal approach to a session, but they are honest and real and show more personality.

Jack and his favorite lovie

Jack's muscles. His huge muscles. :)

Jack and Mason

This little guy was pretty active, but he did give me a couple of shots before he was off to the next activity.

Sweet little chubby feet. I think the relative sizes of the feet is amusing. Mason has some big feet!

Jack and his drawings, which are pretty awesome for a 4-year-old! The sign to the camera left says "Watch out for the trap US government" which tickles me to no end. A 4-year-old conspiracy theorist? Awesome.

Jack as Batman. The elbow pads are essential to the costume, also the arch look. ;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haven & Harrison

To tell the truth I was a tiny bit trepidatious when I was driving out to this shoot. The shoot was for 14 month old twins and that's an age that can be very busy and not into taking pictures (alone, much less with their sibling.) But I should have wasted that worry elsewhere because hands down this was the easiest shoot I have ever done. Gorgeous kids? Check. Flirty with the camera? Check. It was amazing.

This is Haven and Harrison.

Love the crinkle nose laughs!

Seriously? Aren't these gorgeous babies?

I love this picture....

.... and I think it should be printed in a storyboard like this.

James, Leigh & Baby E

These lovely people went to school with me (Leigh is a fellow nutrition major) and I'm so glad we could meet up and get some pictures made before their little girl joins them! Leigh is 4 days overdue now, and I'm pretty sure this tropical storm hitting the coast will be enough to have Baby E come out and join us! (I have 6 pregnant ladies I anticipate will give birth over the weekend...we'll see if I'm right ;)

Leigh has an absolutely fabulous blog, that details their slightly granola approach to birth and child rearing (and who doesn't like granola?) and their absolutely gorgeous nursery they are making their little lady. You should follow her here!

Here's a name you don't hear too often, but I'm sure their little lady will rock it!

Guess who's happy to be a daddy?