Thursday, July 28, 2011

James, Leigh & Baby E

These lovely people went to school with me (Leigh is a fellow nutrition major) and I'm so glad we could meet up and get some pictures made before their little girl joins them! Leigh is 4 days overdue now, and I'm pretty sure this tropical storm hitting the coast will be enough to have Baby E come out and join us! (I have 6 pregnant ladies I anticipate will give birth over the weekend...we'll see if I'm right ;)

Leigh has an absolutely fabulous blog, that details their slightly granola approach to birth and child rearing (and who doesn't like granola?) and their absolutely gorgeous nursery they are making their little lady. You should follow her here!

Here's a name you don't hear too often, but I'm sure their little lady will rock it!

Guess who's happy to be a daddy?

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Way to blow our cover on the name! We almost made it without anyone knowing.