Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kate, Benjamin & Dean

This lovely family braved the heat to do a session celebrating their 10 year anniversary and also to celebrate their family now, before they add a new member this fall.

They have the prettiest kids with the most reflective eyes. This is the eldest Kate.

And this happy bundle of energy is Benjamin

This is the baby of the family, Dean. How awesome is that name? Also, why aren't more people using it? It's easy to spell, a man's name, not very popular and has a tiny bit of old Hollywood swagger to it. ....Think about it.

If there's a tiny Dean explosion in College Station in 9-10 months I'm totally going to claim it was my work ;)

Could those eyes be any larger?


Jeni said...

Cute! "Dean" was on our list, my hubby is a huge rat pack fan!

Amber Acosta said...

The shots of the whole family (parents in the background, on the bridge, walking away) are AMAZING! Great job! Makes me want to have a family of 5 already for these great shots...all in due time!!!