Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jack & Mason

For this fun family shoot we did more of a lifestyle photography approach to the session. Lifestyle photography is just what it sounds like, you try to capture the client in their environment surrounded by a slice of normal everyday life. The images are less technically perfect then you could get with a more formal approach to a session, but they are honest and real and show more personality.

Jack and his favorite lovie

Jack's muscles. His huge muscles. :)

Jack and Mason

This little guy was pretty active, but he did give me a couple of shots before he was off to the next activity.

Sweet little chubby feet. I think the relative sizes of the feet is amusing. Mason has some big feet!

Jack and his drawings, which are pretty awesome for a 4-year-old! The sign to the camera left says "Watch out for the trap US government" which tickles me to no end. A 4-year-old conspiracy theorist? Awesome.

Jack as Batman. The elbow pads are essential to the costume, also the arch look. ;)

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