Friday, May 25, 2012


A while back I shot this pretty bump!

Then I got to meet the girl in the bump, pretty Miss Kendall!

This is my favorite shot from the day. I LOVE her cheeks!

Kendall is a natural model, every time you laid her down she'd fold her hands up near her face! :)

Daddy realizing he's (probably) going to have to pay for a prom dress and a wedding....

...just kidding he's loving this!

Jax & Jory

Isn't this family the cutest? Again, these files are ALL OUT OF ORDER...but to upload them correctly and in order would take 15-30 minutes more and I just don't have time like again we'll going to call it "eclectic" and "artistically ordered" and go with that. :)

This family is another example of a great way to pick outfits for your shoot. Pick one neutral color (in this example the mom picked white, but you could pick any, brown,grey, cream,) and two/three accent colors. In this example the colors are red, teal and dark teal. 

Doesn't Jax look full of mischief?

Adorable boy!

Jory however is sweetness and light all the time, right Miss Jory?

I think I bore babies to sleep...most 3-6 month olds catnap at least once during their shoot. While Jory snoozed for 10 minutes we took these. Aren't her rolls AWESOME?

This is pre-nap... I don't torture babies...but I do think grumpy faces are adorable too.

A little pre-ballet warm up.

Love how Jaxton is looking at his sister here.

Jory and Penny, the two babies of the family.