Sunday, May 6, 2012


This beautiful family recent added a fifth member to their mix, Lovely Miss Landry! We had a crazy awesome newborn shoot with Miss Landry and got quite a few more set ups in then I usually do. A lot of that was luck (Landry is a good eater and sleeper, and you really have no control over that in your newborn) and a lot of it was preparation on the part of the mom of this family. She built and collected props, planned the flow of the shoot and made sure her husband has the day off and her other children had childcare to make the shoot go as smoothly as possible. A lot of this shoot was even planned before Landry's pregnancy ;)

Radley has being a big brother down to an art! 

Dancing sisters! Miss Emersyn is going to be the very best big sister! 

Group shots aren't always as easy as they look!  For the finished product of this shot Miss Emmy was being held down by her mom and we dangled jellybeans over her head ;) 

After the sibling shots were done Radley and Emersyn left, which allowed the parents to focus on Landry and kept the big siblings from feeling left out with all the attention being showered on the baby.
I'm uploading these shots all out of order, these next two are the last snaps from the day. See the difference in the background as the sun sets and we go from backlighting to more frontal lighting?

When Landry was a couple of weeks older we did a tiny mini shoot with her to try some different set ups. Note how much she grew between the two shoots! I'm excited, I think this means she might have delightful rolls in a few months!


jasmine said...

These photos are gorgeous! Landry is so sweet. :)

Oriana San Miguel said...

Hi, first of all let me tell you I really love your photography, you make it look really natural. I was wondering if I could use it (the first photo with the whole family) for a prolife event due in April down here in South America :), is there anywhere I can contact you so we can talk? Your contact √°ge is not loading for me :(.

Thanks in advance
Best regards,