Thursday, October 31, 2013

Amelia, Vivian & Graham

This family wins the prize for furthest trip for photos, they came to College Station for a shoot from Oklahoma. (Although, admittedly they did not know they were moving from Houston when they scheduled the shoot ;)

When people come that far, and spend that much effort/money to get to plan a shoot you want to make sure you are on your A game. Luckily for us, the weather complied and we got a great shoot in!

Does this dad have his hand full of what? Full of good things!

These two sisters had the sweetest interactions!

Vivian is a hoot and I think she knows it ;)

I love this next picture! I think he looks like he's saying "BOO!"

Tiny Aggie baby!

When you have more than one kid you are always going to get some photos like this. (Personally I find them adorable)

Nothing better than babies in blue jeans! :)

Caden & Benson

These little men and I met up at a local park recently and did a family shoot for Christmas pictures! I used to dislike family shoots because it was easier for me to pose/interact with a single subject in flattering way, but I've been working on my family shooting skills and now  family shoots are my favorite! :)

Oh man, bald babies are just so adorable! LOVE!

Of course with toddler subjects you do get a few shots like this ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I've photographed this little man a few times before and he just keeps getting easier to shoot. I love when that happens!

I love his slightly scrunch nose smile! 

We were having a pretty good time.

Hey Carter, how old are you buddy?

One debonair toddler here.

You guys. I LOVE visual puns. Well really I love puns period, but in photographs I love visual puns and this family's last name is Cotton, so I felt like we really needed to do a field shoot with some cotton and luckily they agreed! :) (Can I just say I love my new last name, but I'm a tiny bit sad that Burns doesn't lend itself to too many photo references? People with nouns as last names you are the lucky ones ;)