Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alex, Koen & Kamryn

These three siblings had to drive a long ways for their shoot and can I just say how relived I was that the weather was nice for us during our shoot? So relived. I swear these out of town shoots are taking years off my life ;)

I love getting at least one image of siblings standing next to each other, as I like the change in height in regards to each other that happens over the years. I'm the second eldest in my family and once upon a time, I was one of the "tall kids" in our family and I'm totally the shortest now by two inches.

I feel like we all know how I feel about gap-toothed smiles at this point, but it needs to be said; I LOVE THEM!  They are just so joyful and adorable!

Can you tell this family was so great to shoot? They love each other and it's easy to see!

Then at the end of the shoot we did some splash pad images! (This shoot was at the end of Aug. I'm always behind in blogging)

Kamryn came prepared!

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Olga Tymoshchuk said...

So pretty, I love this family too. Nice photos. I wish I could make photo like you do:)