Monday, August 19, 2013

Sam & Reagan

Certain times of the year, certain places are nicer to shoot than others. The Bush library is beautiful when it has lots of flowers blooming. Research Park is wonderful in the fall for faking fall color. Splashpads are great for the dog days of summer. Sometimes though you get lucky (or good at planning) and a pretty time with the location works so perfectly with the clothing and everything comes together nicely.

We planned to shoot at Bush earlier this summer when it was particularly lovely and I got lucky and my clients are beautiful people who offset the flowers nicely :) I tend to get lucky with my clients. I really do shoot the best people!

So much sass in one tiny person!

Lets all pause for a second to admire the fact that Sam is in my favorite older kid stage...the missing teeth stage!!!!

Sam was over me. Ha! (this is typically when I pull out the bribes)

The teeth! *does a happy dance*

Love this child's eyes!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gavin & Micah

While we're on the topic of high-energy fun shoots, check out these two handsome brothers!

Super Gavin!

They're a great pair!

Can you tell Gavin likes getting his picture made?

Love seeing toddlers and preschoolers run! Particularly if the do the he-man run with their arms tucked up by their sides!

Hunter & Ty

Here's two more of my favorite little clients! These guys have two of the ingredients I like to shoot in little men. 1.) Lots of engery, and 2.) a desire to show off for me. Love that combination! It keep things from getting boring, and helps get you great expressions!

Just a guess, but I think Ty may get his eyes from his daddy....

Hunter doesn't pose for pictures, he tackles!

Too old for mama kisses in public :(

Does this look like mischief personified or what?

30 seconds after putting these on.... (this kid is all boy ; )

Hunter gives the best expressions, and I wish all my clients had freckles that adorable!

Then we did a little monster truck racing...