Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Nephew's Here!

Otto Christopher arrived at 9:15 pm. He weighed 8lbs and 11oz and he is 20.5 inches long. Thanks for all your prayers guys!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We are moving this weekend! My roommate and I are moving to Bryan, which is a short hop, but still moving is a bit of a chore! Unfortunately, I incorrectly estimated when the moving date would be and so I'm also doing a large number of shoots this weekend, so if you have sent me an e-mail in the last day or two please be patient with me! I'll respond as soon as I can :)

Now! On to this new house and a new room color! I'm thinking I'm going to bid adieu to my bell pepper green walls and try a lighter color, perhaps powder blue? (The silver lining to moving is the new paint colors!)

Knox and Kruz

Of course, all babies are miracles, but some of them take a little more prayer to get here. :) These sweet boys are the long awaited Knox and Kruz, and goodness gracious are they ever adorable! least they're not Longhorns? ;) Knox on top, Kruz on bottom.

I loved this fur blanket their mom had! It inspired me to add a fur blanket to my "newborn kit".
In the top picture Knox (L) and Kruz (R). The black and white image is Mr. Kruz.

Look! Knox gave me a smile!

I love this one just for the height difference in their parents!

Sweet Kruz on his mom's favorite color.

Handsome Knox. These boys were the best posers!

I love this because can you just images their embarrassment over this photo when they are angst filled 16-year-olds who play that guitar?

On the last set of the day we were going to put them in beach buckets. It's a little more complicated of a pose, and they were starting to get hungry and so I was pretty sure were wouldn't get them both to do the set up... so we started with Knox and we was so stinking cute in the bucket that I was sad that it probably wouldn't work out.

But then Kruz went into a bucket without any fuss either!

Aren't they the cutest beach bums you've ever seen?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kori Belle

This adorable little one is Miss Kori. She is pretty much the MOST expressive baby I shoot. Unfortunately, she is very much a people person and relates mostly to faces so she tends to get a perplexed look on her face when you point a camera at her. All "You and I were sharing a joke lady and then you put this black square between us?" Luckily her non-smiling face is pretty cute too. (And her angry face is ADORABLE!)

Would you stop with the camera already?

With a baby that relates strongly to faces you basically have to get them enjoying themselves so much that they can't stop laughing quickly when you pop the camera in front of your face, which is what happened with the next two images.

SO. Over. The. Hat. Already.

Then it got a little too bright/hot for outdoor images so we headed to Red Mango to do a little indoor shooting.

Kori was not a fan of the yogurt. (Perhaps she's a die hard Spoons fan?)


This is sweet Miss Kelsey who was 6-months-old (to the day) when we did these.

Here's a little back story about these images, you see Kelsey's mom, Lori, always wanted a Mini Cooper in college but never got one. Then Lori married a guy whose last name was (and is) Cooper, so when they found out they were expecting it was just the thing to call their bump "Mini Cooper".

Who wants to bet Kelsey get's a Mini when she starts driving? (Just kidding, it's their baby girl, I'm sure she'll drive a tank ;)

We shot her in the flower hat, which she LOVED.

Then in a tutu her mama made her, with her mama's necklace to match!

Can you tell her mom is a photographer? Look at how much of a poser this baby is!

This is my favorite! Look at those rolls! Couldn't you just die from the cuteness!

Ethan and Adyson

This sweet peanut is Miss Adyson. Isn't she the cutest? I shoot a couple of Addisons, and when I edit their images I like to listen to my new favorite worship song by Addison Road, this one which has added a new dimension to the name for me. It's a gorgeous song, and now, when I hear that song in my car I think/pray for the Addison/Adysons I know. (I listen to "Jackson" by Johnny Cash when I edit little Jacksons, and "Gracie" by Ben Folds when I edit Graces and so on, it's a sickness I know, but it's fun!)

This is Adyson's big brother Ethan, they are 18 months apart. I love that because Ethan's baby portraits are still fresh with me and I can make sure Adyson's match.

How crazy gorgeous are this babies eyes? I swear they look over sharpened because of the fantastic striations she has in her irises but they are that striking in person too.

See what I mean about those eyes?

Ethan is two and has always just so agreeable and easy to shoot. It's always a little mind boggling because I'm used to two-year-olds being a bit less willing to be photographed!

It's almost always the boys that get the crazy long eyelashes!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Remember Jackson's maternity pictures? It's one of the best things about this job, getting to see who was inside the bump! He's a gorgeous baby and we had a fun shoot.

I believe this was his "take home" outfit.

He did so well with all the curly poses! A natural!

Did I mention I got a macro lens? Well I did and I love it! Jackson was the first newborn model I got to try it out on!

After a while he woke up and did a Zoolander face for us :)