Thursday, July 15, 2010


This is sweet Miss Kelsey who was 6-months-old (to the day) when we did these.

Here's a little back story about these images, you see Kelsey's mom, Lori, always wanted a Mini Cooper in college but never got one. Then Lori married a guy whose last name was (and is) Cooper, so when they found out they were expecting it was just the thing to call their bump "Mini Cooper".

Who wants to bet Kelsey get's a Mini when she starts driving? (Just kidding, it's their baby girl, I'm sure she'll drive a tank ;)

We shot her in the flower hat, which she LOVED.

Then in a tutu her mama made her, with her mama's necklace to match!

Can you tell her mom is a photographer? Look at how much of a poser this baby is!

This is my favorite! Look at those rolls! Couldn't you just die from the cuteness!

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Lori Cooper said...

You are the best! I love ALL of them and I can't wait to get the cd! Oh how I love you girl! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!