Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kori Belle

This adorable little one is Miss Kori. She is pretty much the MOST expressive baby I shoot. Unfortunately, she is very much a people person and relates mostly to faces so she tends to get a perplexed look on her face when you point a camera at her. All "You and I were sharing a joke lady and then you put this black square between us?" Luckily her non-smiling face is pretty cute too. (And her angry face is ADORABLE!)

Would you stop with the camera already?

With a baby that relates strongly to faces you basically have to get them enjoying themselves so much that they can't stop laughing quickly when you pop the camera in front of your face, which is what happened with the next two images.

SO. Over. The. Hat. Already.

Then it got a little too bright/hot for outdoor images so we headed to Red Mango to do a little indoor shooting.

Kori was not a fan of the yogurt. (Perhaps she's a die hard Spoons fan?)

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