Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Urban Legends are Born

Do you know what this is?

That, my dear readers, is a drain snake. (Although points will be awarded to those of you who guessed "The Reason Sarah Will Never Take a Bath Again" and "Oh My Goodness, Please Tell Me You Photo-Shopped That Animal Into That Bathtub!")

I had a shoot Saturday morning for a group of cousins. When I arrived at the client's house the children weren't quite ready to be photographed, and with good reason. You see, the two boys had been playing in the bathroom when they noticed this snake darting its head out of the drain. They told their mother/aunt and she commenced to remove the snake's head from its body with a pair of scissors. (view exhibit A).

I had always thought snake in the tub/toilet stories were urban legends, but apparently they are a phenomenon that does happen albeit rarely. Let's hope that me being in close contact with this particular case has made me immune to it happening in my house. (This is me, pretending lightning never strikes the same place twice.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I recently visited Fort Worth and while I was there I shot a bridal at the wedding venue known as "The Castle" for rather obvious reasons.

This venue has gorgeous doors (although the windows were lacking a bit. Note to developers, I am here and opinionated if you would like to consult with a photographer before building a wedding venue. ;P) But back to the doors.... They were truly gorgeous!

Isn't her dress lovely? It's very unique and I felt fit the setting.

This is my favorite image from the day. If you click on the picture you can see a larger version which shows the lace details better.

After The Castle, we went to the Dallas Arboretum. I had never been to the Arboretum before and was delighted to have a reason to visit; it truely is a lovely garden. The shoot itself ran very long and it was really hot, but the (future) bride was very patient and her parents were perfect photo-assistants, so we got some really cool shots from this location.

This was one of the last shots of the day. It was about 1:30 and in full sun. This photo follows none of the technical rules but I like it anyway.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Sometimes I have a problem with consistency.

People ask me what my favorite age to photograph is and I say, “Newborns!” and I mean it. I love how small newborns are, how delicate and vulnerable. I love that they will sleep anywhere (well, some of them) and all the excitement surrounding their birth.

But then I go to a shoot, and decide that I am wrong. How could I not be swayed by a one-year old who insists on hugging me before I leave? Or a three-year-old who wants to be my boyfriend? Sometimes I return home and gush to my roommate, “You should have seen this senior I got to shoot! So easy and willing to pose at the coolest of locations! Seniors are my favorite!”

It’s hard playing favorites.

Meet William. He is (er, was, this shoot was last month) a fresh six-months-old and my new favorite age to shoot. He’s old enough to sit with some assistance, to hold his head high, and to smile at his mommy but not quite old enough to crawl away from me. Perfect.

Let's Get This Party Started

Ah, a new blog. There’s something so promising in its clean expanses, like new school supplies beckoning to be used… Let’s start with the introductions, shall we?

My name is Sarah Giles, I’m a post-undergrad living in College Station and working as a photographer for the Bryan /College Station area. I used to blog here, but felt it was time to use a more streamlined interface and started this blog to coincide with my new photography website going live.

This blog will be a place for me to advertise specials and post previews of client photos. Check back often! I plan on updating frequently