Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Urban Legends are Born

Do you know what this is?

That, my dear readers, is a drain snake. (Although points will be awarded to those of you who guessed "The Reason Sarah Will Never Take a Bath Again" and "Oh My Goodness, Please Tell Me You Photo-Shopped That Animal Into That Bathtub!")

I had a shoot Saturday morning for a group of cousins. When I arrived at the client's house the children weren't quite ready to be photographed, and with good reason. You see, the two boys had been playing in the bathroom when they noticed this snake darting its head out of the drain. They told their mother/aunt and she commenced to remove the snake's head from its body with a pair of scissors. (view exhibit A).

I had always thought snake in the tub/toilet stories were urban legends, but apparently they are a phenomenon that does happen albeit rarely. Let's hope that me being in close contact with this particular case has made me immune to it happening in my house. (This is me, pretending lightning never strikes the same place twice.)


LizzyBees said...


Lydia Weldy said...

I'm going to school dirty tomorrow.

The Paro Family said...

Yuck! I hate snakes!

Thanks so much Sarah! Our doctor does 3d at every appointment & it's been amazing to see him so clearly each time!

I hope you can be available at the end of March/early April to photograph our little man-to-be! :) I love the shots you get of teeny babies!!

Judy Giles said...

Glad to have you posting again, your enteries have been missed.
I have to admit, I'm sorry for the snake....

Lydia Weldy said...


Can you not see the triangular shaped head!?! That thing is clearly poisonous! Definitely worth five dollars in my book:)