Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kaylee and Camryn

Halloween is coming up, so if you have a session soon be sure to break out the costumes for a shot or two!

Pictured below are two sisters I have photographed since I have been in College Station. Aren't they lovely? Their mother had Halloween outfits made for them and wanted some shots of them in the dresses.

Kaylee is getting to be such a big girl! Since I've last shot her she has managed to lose most of her front teeth. How cute is this smile?

It's always great when you get to a shoot and have children who enjoy being photographed! These girls have been well trained. :P Here they are "bumping noses".

Golden girl Camryn! Love her backlit hair and her sweet smile (for her daddy who was standing behind me).

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Lydia said...

Love the picture of Kaylee's smile! Such a good idea!

I was at the Arboretum around the same time of day and thought the same thing. Very cool that you didn't have to pay anything! I heard once there's a high photographer charge, but didn't know for sure.

Do you know of any other great places to photograph while in Dallas or San Antonio? I'll be visiting in a couple of weeks and taking pictures of my cousins.