Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pray for Amy!

One of my sister's dearest friends, (and former roommate) came to visit the other week. Amy was an Art/Design major at Baylor and is now going to use her talents to influence people for Christ in Dresden, Germany. Amy is leaving in January, and will be in Germany for two years working with the International Mission Board. Pretty awesome, right? Anyway, Amy needed prayer cards made for people to hang on their refrigerators, and we thought we'd get that out of the way when she visited.

It's an interesting thing, photographing another photographer and it's an even weirder thing to edit images of another photographer while they watch! Everyone has their own way of editing, mine is soft, smooth colors and the liberal use of actions and curves. Amy has a different way of editing (which is probably technically better too, since she has had classes in editing) and she likes edgier, higher contrast images. It was fun, I'd edit an image one way and Amy would edit another in a totally different direction. I definitely learned some new techniques!

This is my play on this image...

..and this is Amy's play on it (and the finished card.) I edited her last name out of this for privacy on this blog, the card generally doesn't have the white edit bar in it.

It was interesting shooting for the express purpose of a card, because all the images needed to be asymmetrical to allow for writing on one half!

After the card was finished, we headed to Downtown Bryan to try for some more creative shots.

This is my play on this image...

..and this is my roommate Beth's play on it.


The Art We Breathe said...

Thanks for voting (if you were able to remember your login) (thanks for trying if you couldn't...hehe)!

Yeah, it's always interesting to see how different photographers will process the same photo, or even take a photo of the same subject.

Lydia Weldy said...

Sweet. Another Sarah post!

What's with this once a week posting business? Gosh, get with the program and entertain me!


Lydia said...

Sarah, I really want to shoot at the Arboretum, but don't know if it will work out. I have no transportation at the moment. :-(

It's fun to see the same image two different ways! Now some day I'd love to see how you post process complete with before and after pictures. ;-)