Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitten..Cat..Nameless One

My roommate, Elizabeth, received a kitten as a gift for her 21st birthday. It's a wee, girl kitten and we, err, Elizabeth, is at a loss as to what to call the little thing. Chief contender right now is the name "Cat".

Names that have been suggested and rejected are as follows.

Sprinkles, after Angela's cat from the Office.
This one was rejected because Sprinkles meets a bad end in the TV series and is a rather hard name to call a kitten, you keep wanting to shorten it or add a diminutive "ee" ending. Sprinkly is not a good name for an indoor animal...regardless of how you feel about your carpet.

This was my idea because the kitten follows people around demanding to be held with loud meows. Since Tiramisu means, "pick me up" I thought it would be funny. Alas, it too is more amusing in concept and failed the "yelling out the backdoor" test .

This was amusing to us because my sister (and another roommate), Hannah, is a speech pathologist and we thought it would be funny if everytime she called for the cat it sounded like she had a problem prounouning her R's.

So, Internets, help us name this kitty. Take a look at her sweet face and leave a name that you think fits her in the comments.

"Wait, the Internets are helping name me!?!?!?!" (Yes, I messed with this picture, her eyes do not generally look this sad.)

This picture, however is untouched of her grumpy face after a well-needed bath.


Dawn said...

Josie suggested "Cutie", Katie thinks "Woolly", Meggie thinks "Lola" and I think I'm not nearly as clever as the ones you all already came up with - Wayne Bow made me laugh out loud. By the way, we are SOOOOOOO excited about Disney World, woo hoo!!

Lydia said...

This is too hard for me. I used up all my brain power helping to name someone's goldfish, lol. The second to last picture is hilarious! Such a cute kitten; hope you find the perfect name!

Judy Giles said...

I think you should name it Popcorn,
Kernel or Puss in boots, Susi, Bounty, or Sushi or Thingamabobs,
Shishkabob, stalker. Shishkabob was the name of a longhaired persian type cat that belonged to Cecelia Zollars, class of '79, and a roommate of Mom's when she lived there(with her husband Byron). They lived in Hannah's room.
Byron was the guy that had made himself a computer, with a monochromic green oscilloscope for a screen. Trivia for the day. Michael and Dad.

LizzyBees said...

So many good names to pick from!!
Maybe we should put them all in a hat and draw one out...
: )